Monthly Nuclear Astrophysics Group Meeting

The monthly Nuclear Astrophysics Group meeting is held at 11 am on the first Wednesday of each month in the ISAC II Conference Room. Here, students and staff are encouraged to present physics topics for discussion, from current experimental or theoretical work that the Group are involved in, to interesting new journal articles. 











7 September

Oliver Kirsebom

The cosmological lithium problem


5 October

Open discussion

- Observation of 1.28 MeV 22Na gamma line from slow nova
- Recent supernova type Ia [pdf]
- Superluminal neutrinos  

2 November

Jennifer Fallis

The solar abundance problem


7 December

Naomi Galinski

Are pulsars giant permanent magnets?





1 February

Greg Christian

Detection of Pristine Gas Two Billion Years After the Big Bang


7 March

Alex Rojas &       Oliver Kirsebom

New experimental efforts to reduce the uncertainty on 12C(α,γ)16O


4 April

Lars Martin

Do primordial Li abundances imply there is no dark energy?


2 May

Matt Kostka

r-java 2: a Java-based r-process code


6 June

C. Romero-Redondo

Ab initio calculations for nuclear reactions


4 July

Greg Christian
Astrophysically important resonances in 31S
Oliver Kirsebom
Measurement of the three-alpha breakup of the Hoyle state in 12C and consequences for the triple-alpha reaction rate

5 September

Jennifer Fallis

Highlights from NIC XII


3 October

Charles Akers

Superluminous Supernovae


7 November

Rishi Sharma

Aspects of Neutrino Production in Supernovae


12 December

Stanley Yen

The HALO supernova neutrino detector





February 6

Greg Christian

First measurement of the 63Ni(n,γ) cross section


March 6

Oliver Kirsebom

Update on S1378


April 3

Alex Rojas

A new direct measurement of 12C(α,γ)


May 1

Barry Davids

Solar neutrinos


July 3

Greg Christian

Unambiguous identiļ¬cation of the second 2+ state in 12C and the structure of the Hoyle state


August 7

Devin Connolly

Three-body calculations of the triple-α reaction


September 4

Charlie Akers

A drop in the 6Li(pγ) reaction at low energies


November 6

Greg Christian

Measurement of the plasma astrophysical S factor for the 3He(d, p)4He reaction in exploding molecular clusters


December 11

Chris Ruiz

"High Redshift Observations in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, An overview of R. Ellis et al., Astrophys. J. Lett. 763:L7 (2013)"

See also: http://: http://www.roe.ac.uk/~jsd

Ned Wright's Online Cosmology Calculator:




March 5

Greg Christian

Asymmetries in core-collapse supernovae from maps of radioactive 44Ti in Cassiopeia A


April 2

Stephanie Ciccone

What Determines the Mass of a Star Cluster in a Dwarf Galaxy?


May 5

Iris Dillmann

Sensitivity study of important neutron capture reactions for the weak s-process nucleosynthesis


June 4

Jennifer Fallis



July 2

Pat Walden

Special topic: Nuclear power criticism and scientific response.