Measurement of the Ec.m.=184 keV Resonance Strength in the 26gAl(ρ,ϒ)27Si Reaction

Aluminium 26

The strength of the Ec.m.=184 keV resonance in the 26gAl(ρ,ϒ)27Si reaction has been measured in inverse kinematics using the DRAGON recoil separator at TRIUMF's ISAC facility. We measure a value of ωϒ=35 ±7 µeV and a resonance energy of Ec.m.=184±1 keV, consistent with p-wave proton capture into the 7652(3) keV state in 27Si, and discuss the implications of these values for 26gAl nucleosynthesisin typical oxygen-neon white-dwarf novae.

Author: Ruiz, C. et al.