The DRAGON Facility at TRIUMF-ISAC: Development


The proposed DRAGON (Detector of Recoils And Gammas Of Nuclear reactions) facility at TRIUMF is uniquely designed to perform important nuclear astrophysics experiments with radioactive nuclear beams and the goal is to be operational when the new ISAC accelerated radioactive beams facility is operational in 2000. The projects required to meet this goal include the following:

a. Projects related to the development and commissioning of the facility, which are not covered by the TRIUMF infrastructure;
b. Projects related to developing and finalizing the concepts for the Phase II of the DRAGON facility, the Gamma Array;
c. Projects related to some specific experiments planned for the DRAGON.

A secondary goal is to develop a team of scientists dedicated to this new facility and knowledgeable of its operational idiosyncrasies.
This grant will fund the continuing work of the recoil group in commissioning the DRAGON and in the development of the required detectors, electronics, targets and beams.

Author: See Paper Document
Journal: Submitted to NSERC, Oct. 1997